How it Works

Due to budget constraints, your do-it-yourself abilities, or simply a desire to achieve your specific vision for your wedding day, you may prefer to plan your own wedding, rather than hire a full-service wedding planner.

This is great! Just remember that on your wedding day you'll need to be able to focus on soaking up the experience, which you can't do if you're busy telling people what they need to do, solving problems, and answering questions. A wedding coordinator can do this for you at a fraction of the cost of a full-service wedding planner.

Day-Of Coordinating

Although it's called "day-of," my services start well in advance of your wedding day. We will meet twice in person (usually six weeks and one week prior to your wedding) to discuss all the wonderful plans you've made and how you envision your big day unfolding. We'll create a wedding day timeline and your bridal party ceremony lineup. We'll follow up as necessary by text, email, and phone to be sure your day will go off as planned, and I'll attend/manage the rehearsal to know exactly how things should work.

You will spend your wedding day making your vows and basking in the admiration of your loved ones, while I make sure everything is where it needs to be, things happen on schedule, those unavoidable last-minute problems get solved, vendors have someone to communicate with, and your big day is as stress-free as possible!